Pantà de les calobres

During this route we will find out the charm that characterizes “el Barranc de les Calobres”, a place inhabited by a vast diversity of fauna, due to the nutritive richness of the swamp, and attractive by the history that lays hidden inside the “Coves de les Calobres” (caves). Although it has never been fully proved, the Institut d’Estudis Catalans explained that there were signs of cave peintures inside these caves .

Moreover, according to the investigations developed by S. Vilaseca, an historian, “on the right wall of the precipice of Calobres, they might exist, or have existed, a schematic group of peintures that could represent five or six human figures and two circles, one of them with a central point. Unfortunately, all these signs seem to have been covered by calcium carbonate and may have disappeared forever. If you decided to complete the route on may, you will also be able to enjoy the water lilies blossom.

Length: 12 km

Time: 3h

Elevation: 323 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

The departure point is the Municipal Sports Pavilion, from where we need to move towards the road of “Rasquera”. Then we have to turn off by the precipice’s valley. We recommend to follow the indications from the track and the pictures attached to this article until we get to the swamp “el Pantà de Calobres”. Once there, you will be able to visit the caves and to enjoy the wide views from the mountains belonging to “la Serra de Boix”.

After visiting the different points of interest, we begin the way back by overcoming a considerable upwards slope that will take us to the mountain crest, next to the windmills. This is the hardest stretch of the route and that turns it into a route with moderate difficulty.  It is also a quite long itinerary and that’s why we recommend wearing appropriate footwear and bringing enough food and water. Once we overcome this stretch, we take the downwards path and we go across la Bassa de les Comes. There will just be 5 kilometers left to get to the village.