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Mapa Rutes El Perelló


More than 500 km of tracks

El Perelló is a place that can be discovered at any time of the year, both because of its landscapes and because of its ideal climate. In the west, it is walled by the mountains from “la Serra de Boix” and, in the east, it is bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean. Between these two elements, we can find ponds, mountains, forests and beaches.
The love of this village towards sport has contributed to the foundation of the Cycling Club and the Trail Running Cabrafeixet, which are two sports associations willing to take care of the environment and to promote physical activity among the population. Thanks to the Town Hall’s help and thanks to the determination of these associations, a vast quantity of zones have been enabled to allow sports people to enjoy our land in the best of conditions.
Pau Capell, campió del món d'ultratrail

Pau Capell

Pau Capell, the ultratrail champion of the world, along with the Town Hall from el Perelló, has created a track that goes through our municipality and that is dedicated to those who love technical and long runs. It is an itinerary where you will enjoy the essence of the most wild nature and dream views. Among other points of interest, you will discover “la bAssa de les Comes”, el “Pantà de les Calobres” and ·les Bassetes del Borràs”, which belong to the region of “els Bertolins”.
We recommend doing this route to people who are already familiar with running, because it places high physical demands. On the other hand, it is also indispensable to download the track in order to follow the right path.

How does route tracking work?

The itineraries are organized by items so that you can choose the one that fits your preferences, taking into account the length, duration, elevation gain and difficulty. Moreover, it is specified if the route is circular or not.
You will also find an introduction and description of the environment that will help you to plan and imagine the hike.
On the other hand, we try to advance some of the elements that you will find during the hike by attaching some pictures in downloadable PDF files, which will also help you to follow the right itinerary thanks to the arrow signs.
However, we believe that it is indispensable to download the Wikiloc app and our track, where you will be able to follow the itineraries without getting lost.