Font de Tita + Parc Eòlic

This route allows us to discover the inside of el Perelló across charming wooded paths. The itinerary drives past “la Font de la Tita”, the big pond of “la Collada”, the mountain ridges of the Calobres wind farm and, finally, the pond of  “Comes” . This one is a complete route which allows us to enjoy panoramic views, including el Delta de l’Ebre, Tivissa and Móra.

Length: 19 km

Time: 2h 30'

Elevation: 426 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

The exigence of this route is moderate, due to the fact that despite not presenting big technical difficulties, we will find considerable slopes. However, it is easy to follow the right way, which diminishes the difficulty of the route.

The departure point is the Municipal Sports Pavilion from el Perelló and, from there,  we must move towards the elevated part of the village, towards “la Font de Tita”. Once there, you will find different signs that will help you not to stray from the path. The hardest stretches of this route are those that follow slopes and the sand path that goes between “la Bassa de les Collades” and the windmills.  Due to the special features of the land, we recommend completing the route with a BTT bicycle or gravel.