Monuments del Perelló

El Perelló is a village that, since many centuries ago, has been a part of multiple historical and cultural changes. Thanks to its legacy and thanks to conservation efforts, we can nowadays enjoy a wide variety of monuments that reminisce the history of the people from el Perelló. All the roman aqueduct, the Via Augusta and its sewer form the second century, the Civil War shelter, the Cuitora Fountain, the Drinking trough, the Windmill, the “Coll de les Forques”, the Sant Cristòfol Chapel and, finally, the “Torre dels Moros”, contribute to keep alive the memory of el Perelló. Moreover, you will have the chance to visit the “Museu de les Guerres del Perelló” (a museum about the wars suffered by el Perelló) and the “Rereguarda” (the rearguard), which preserve a vast amount of unique objects from the Spanish Civil War.

Length: 12 km

Time: 1h 30'

Elevation: 193 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

The difficulty of this route is easy, because it is simple to follow the right itinerary and it does not require a high physical fitness. That is why we encourage you to complete this route as a family.

So as to follow the itinerary we strongly recommend you to download the track or to help yourselves with the pictures attached to this article, because since the path mostly goes through the village, it may be hard to find signs which show the right direction. This is also why you can complete the route with a current bicycle, although the last stretch, which leads to “la Torre dels Moros”, might be a little bit harder. If you hesitate, you can just skip this last point of interest and go back to the village from “la Via Augusta”.