La Bassa de l’Espinal

“La Bassa de l’Espinal” is the perfect place to deeply connect with nature and to enjoy a quiet journey, fully adapted for cycling. What is more, there is a picnic zone and a place reserved for parking the bicycles, which will allow us to relax and to enjoy the natural environment.

Length: 12 km

Time: 1h 30'

Elevation: 108 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

We highly recommend you to follow this itinerary as a family because it does not take a long time to complete it and because it does not demand a high physical fitness. The departure point  is the Municipal Sports Pavilion from El Perelló, from where we should go to the northern village entrance. Once we get to the industrial estate, we must walk out of the way and take the ancient road that used to link El Perelló with l’Ametlla de Mar.

We will find a triple bifurcation and we will have to choose the path that goes straight ahead. Once overcome this stretch, we recommend you to follow the road signs or the track. This one is a circular route, which will make you discover new and diverse landscapes, but we can always go back to the village along the same path if we want to walk less kilometres.