El Pont Trencat

The “Pont Trencat del Perelló” is a place full of magic. In fact, we have not found any answers to its current state yet. One of the most widespread versions explains that the bridge has actually never been ended. Others say that the people from “el Perelló” destroyed it in order to protect themselves from the troupes led by Philip IV, during “la Guerra dels  Segadors” (a war) in 1640. If one thing is true is that this historical monument is located at “el Barranc de Tita” (a precipice), concretely, on the ancient road that used to link Tortosa and el Perelló across “el Coll de l’Alba”.

This itinerary presents a relevant historical interest. This circular route also goes across the Via Augusta, built by the romans in the second century, the Sant Cristòfol Chapel, the monument of “el Coll de les Forques”, which commemorates the last thirteen people from el Perelló who defended the village from the Philip IV troupes, the Windmill from 1564 and, if you can still carry on, you can try to get to “la Torre dels Moros”, from where you will be able to enjoy an impressive view of “el Delta de l’Ebre”.

Length: 14.3 km

Time: 2h

Elevation: 256 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

This route is suitable for all ages, it is ideal to complete it as a family and it does not require a specific type of bicycle. It does not present any difficulties neither related to the orientation, nor to the physical exigence. If you want to shorten the route, you can always skip “la Torre dels Moros”. From the Municipal Sports Pavilion from el Perelló we move toward the southern entrance of the village, going across the Windmill. Afterwards, we turn right until we get to “Coll de les Forques”.

We will find a fork and we will have to choose the way on the right, meaning, the ancient road that used to link el Perelló with Tortosa. Once we get to “el Barranc de Tita”, we will find a stone path and, a few meters further, we will be able to see “el Pont Trencat”. From there, we will go back across the way that goes along la “Via Augusta”. Finally, we will get to the southern entrance of the N-340 road and we will have to take the first exit on the left until we get to the top of the mountain, where we will find “la Torre dels Moros”.