Les Mines del Perelló

The Mines are located in “el Barranc del Safranar” (a precipice), a zone with a vast quantity of ground water which has been used for many centuries to nourish the village, the cattles and the irrigable lands surrounding el Perelló. In particular, “la Mina de Dalt” and “la Mina de Baix” were built in 1869 and 1979, respectively, but it is said that there were more ancient mines which have been demolished.

Length: 6.46 km

Time: 1h

Elevation: 51 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

This one is an easy route. We recommend completing it  as a family, and it does not require any specific bicycle. From the Municipal Sports Pavillion, we must move towards the lower zone of the village until we get to “l’Abeurador” (the drinking trough). Once there, we must keep on cycling under the tunnel, following the path on the left. A few meters later, close to the path, we will find the mines. Helping ourselves with the pictures attached to this article or following the track, we must go up to the village and go for a stroll before ending the route.