El Morral de Cabrafeixet

Morral de Cabrafeixet is the closest place to heaven in “el Perelló”, because it is the highest peak in the municipality, a peak of 754 meters. It is located in el “Barranc de les nines”and from there, we will be able to observe a panoramic view, where if the skies are blue, we will see both the Pyrinees and “els Ports”,  and the land between “el Delta de l’Ebre” and Ponent. We should all keep in mind that we are the ones that are invited to the mountain and this is why we need to take care of it and respect it if we want to enjoy it in the future.

Length: 4.6 km

Time: 2h

Elevation: 380 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: No

The difficulty of this route is moderate, because, although it is not difficult to follow the path, indicated by red and white stripes from GR-192, it has some considerable slopes. But you do not need to worry about it, because if you take it easy, anyone is going to be able to complete it.

From the car park, we take the path on the left and we will get to the shady zone of “el Barranc de les Nines” and, once we find the first intersection, we stick to the trail on the left. At the second intersection, we take the path on the right, where we will find the first upwards slope, which approximately measures 200 meters. A few minutes after following the same path, we will find the second upwards slope which will lead us to the mountain crest. There will be only 500 meters left to finish the route. The reward to the effort that implies getting to the top of “el Morral” makes all the itinerary worth it. On our way back, we will need to watch out because the stones laying on the path could make us slip.

Access: TV-3022, towards Rasquera, until the 7.2 km. Turn left while following the signs from “Pintures Rupestres” (cave peintures). Free car park.