Ruta de les 10 basses

Since time immemorial, el Perelló counts on a vast ponds network spread in the municipality that work as drinking troughs for the flocks of sheeps and goats of the territory. What is more, the preservation of these zones is essential to assure the protection and recovery of the amphibian, since Baix Ebre is one of the zones of the Iberiean Peninsula counting on the richest biodiversity from this animal kingdom. The departure point is “la Font de Tita” and the track leads us to “la Bassa de la LLumanera” (a pond), “la Bassa de les Collades” (a pond), “la Bassa de les Comes” (a pond), “el Pantà de les Calobres” (a swamp), “la Bassa de Nelo” (a pond), “la Bassa d’En Ferrà” (a pond) and, finally, “la Bassa de l’Espinal” (a pond).

Length: 40 km

Time: 4h

Elevation: 750 m

Difficulty: Hard

Circular: Yes

This one is a hard circular route due to its length and due to the elevation gain, which is equal to 750 meters. On the other hand, this route does not require any technical ability, because it mainly goes across well conditioned paths. However, we recommend you to complete the route with a BTT bicycle or a gravel. So as to follow the itinerary we strongly recommend you to download the track or to help yourselves with the pictures attached to this article.