Senderes entre basses

This one is a special BTT route which is going to make us discover the most wooded zone of the municipality of el Perelló, all by going past different ponds such as “l’Espinal” or the hidden and mysterious “Bassetes de Borràs”. You will also be able to go through the big wind farm “les Collades”, from where you will enjoy the mountain silhouette of “la Serra de Boix” and the views of Delta de l’Ebre coast.

Length: 28 km

Time: 3h

Elevation: 534 m

Difficulty: Hard

Circular: Yes

This route demands a slightly high level of exigence due to the total length, the elevation gain and some trail stretches, although the most part of the path is a sand path. We recommend downloading the track in order to follow the right path, because there are no signs at the forks. You should be aware that it is advisable to have some notions on how to correctly use a BTT bicycle.