Les Collades

The departure point of “les Collades” route is “el Barranc de Malladetes” (a precipice), a wooded zone full of charm and currently prepared to be a walkable path and a firebreak of an environment full of flora and fauna. The itinerary also passes through some other points of interest such as “la Bassa d’En Ferrà”, an ideal  place to rest on its wooden tables, which are located under the shadows of the trees, or the “Pi de l’Agna” (a pine).

Length: 37 km

Time: 4h

Elevation: 895 m

Difficulty: Very hard

Circular: Yes

It is a hard route, because there are many stretches that require a good master of the BTT bicycle. Moreover, it presents 900 meters of elevation gain and the total length is almost equivalent to 40 km. However, it is a beautiful route which allows us to discover different landscapes and lands from our municipality, including both wooded zones and pine forests. It also will allow us to enjoy the impressive views of “la Serra de Boix”.

In order to follow this route it is indispensable to follow the signs of the track.