Pintures Rupestres de Cabrafeixet

This itinerary embraces both nature and the history of the first inhabitants from more than 9.000 years ago.

In the middle of unspoilt nature, there are the cave paintings from Cabrafeixet, protected and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. For this reason, it is indispensable that all the visitors respect and take care of the environment if we want to keep enjoying it for many years in the future. For those who are more keen on history, we can find in the same route some other caves such as “la Cova del Sol”, “l’Abric de Pas”, la “cova de l’Aigua” and “la Cova de Mallada”, which is the biggest one.

Length: 1.55 km

Time: 1h

Elevation: 110 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

It is a route suitable for all ages and physical conditions, because it is easy to follow the path and because there are no complicated trails.

Once we leave the car at the car park, we start the route by taking the path on the right. After 400 meters of an upwards slope, we get to the cave peintures. Once there, we will have overcome the most noticeable slope. We follow the same path and we get to an intersection, where we will have to choose the path on the left, which presents a downwards slope. The next point of interest is “la Cova del Sol”, which is partially hidden by vegetation, but you will be able to identify it thanks to the picture.

Then, we will find “l’Abric de Pas” and the big “Cova de la Mallada”, where it is easy to sort out how people from prehistory used to live. Once we have visited this cave, we will have to walk a few meters back and take the other fork. We will then find the last point of interest,  “la Cova de l’Aigua”. Finally, we follow the path without straying from it and we get to the car park.

Access: TV-3022, towards Rasquera, until the 7.2 km. Turn left while following the signs from “Pintures Rupestres” (cave peintures). Free car park.