La Bassa de l’Espinal

La Bassa de l’Espinal (a pond) is a cherished place for all those who are keen on flora and fauna, because it preserves unspoilt vegetation and a considerable population of amphibians. That is why we ask you to respect the environment and to try to make your steps invisible. It is a quiet place with a picnic zone where you will also be able to rest. Moreover, the path is extremely beautiful and it is perfectly enabled. For this reason we can get there both by bike and on foot.

Length: 11 km

Time: 2h 15'

Elevation: 121 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: No

The land of almost the whole itinerary is paved and the path is well indicated. Therefore, it is an easy route. The departure point is the Municipal Sports Pavilion and from there we have to move towards the northern entrance of the village, towards the ancient road that used to link “el Perelló” and “l’Ametlla de Mar”, until we get to a sand path. Once we get to the fork, we turn left and a few meters later we turn right, and keep on following the same path until we get to la Bassa de l’Espinal. So as to go back, we will follow the same path.

Apart from using the signs that you will find during the route, you can help yourselves with the pictures attached to this article if you want to make sure that you are following the right itinerary.