Camí de Ronda – GR92

Along the “Camí de Ronda GR-92” from el Perelló, we will discover dream crystal clear beaches and coves while we walk between the pines and agaves, typical from the mediterranean. The departure point is “el Barranc de Perales” (a precipice) and it ends at “el Pont de l’Àlia” or vice versa. You can also rest in one of the multiple bars located in front of the sea that can be found along the itinerary.

Length: 4.8 km

Time: 1h 30'

Elevation: 45 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: No

This route is suitable for all ages, although you need to be aware of the fact that there are some upwards and downwards slopes. The departure point is the car park from “Les Oliveres” Hotel. From there, we move towards “la Platja del Barranc del Cap Roig” and we follow the visible white and red signs that indicate the path. The first point of interest is the famous and well-known “Cala Buena” (a cove), followed by “Morro de Gos” and “Santa Llúcia”. Afterwards, the land becomes rougher once we get to the zone of “els Bufadors” and “el Llosar de Caballé” (that’s why we recommend wearing appropriate footwear). Finally you will find “l’Adolç del Me”, “Cala Garretes”, “Cala Moros” and “el Pont de l’Àlia”.

This is not a circular route. Thereby, if you only have one car, you will have to go back by following the same path. If you have two cars, we recommend leaving one of them in the car park from the Hotel “Les Oliveres” and the other one at “el Pont de l’Àlia”.

Other close routes: from el “Pont de l’Àlia” you can take the route “La Sendera del Pont de l’Àlia” to get to el Perelló on foot (7 km).