La Torre de Fullola

The village of Fullola originally dates back to Antiquity but it experienced its more glorious era during Medieval times, when, according to the Town Charter from 1216, this municipality included the lands located between “la Serra de Cardó ” and the sea. Although it currently belongs to the village of Tortosa, Fullola has always maintained a close contact with el Perelló, with whom it has exchanged fruits and cattles since immemorial times. But in 1863 Fullola was declared deserted. Nowadays, the memory of the walls from what used to be a village full of life and history is what remains, together with the tower from the XIII century, which was used to guard the coast and to avoid possible maritime attacks.

Length: 17.5 km

Time: 4h

Elevation: 476 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

This itinerary aims to preserve the link between Fullola and El Perelló and to allow you to enjoy the forests and history that conserves this place, where time seems to have stopped.

This is a circular route and the level is moderate, due to its length. However, there are no technical difficulties and it is easy to follow the right way. The departure point is the Municipal Sports Pavilion from El Perelló, from where we need to take “l’Avinguda dels Xiprers” and go straight on along the asphalt path. Afterwards, we will take the sand path on the left. From there, you will be able to easily follow the route by using the track, the pictures attached to this article or the signs from the path. 5 kilometers before going back to el Perelló, you will go past “Font de Tita”, a picnic zone, quite and ideal to rest after completing a long route such as this one.

 Additional comments: the route is adapted and can be completed with a BTT bike, but there are some stretches that may demand a good physical condition.