Els Monuments Històrics

El Perelló is the result of hundreds of years of history, culture and of the people that did their bit to the building of a singular and unique village. This route allows us to discover the historical monuments that el Perelló preserves nowadays. In this way, we try to make people aware of the importance of knowing and preserving the history of our territory.

The origins of el Perelló date back to the Second century, a time when the Romans built a stretch of the “Via Augusta” in the middle of a settlement called Trajacapita, the ancient Perelló. From this period we also preserve the sewer that could be found under the “Via Augusta”, apart from the aqueduct that used to bring water to the village. Some other monuments can help us to imagine how the life of the people from el Perelló used to be, such us the Windmill from 1564, the “Font de la Cuitora” (a fountain), “La Font de l’Abeurador” (a fountain), the Sant Cristòfol Chapel and the Church.

It is also important to keep in mind the different wars in which el Perelló has been involved all through its history in order to preserve the historical memory of our village. The monument “Coll de les Forques” commemorates the thirteen people from el perelló that fought during a war (“la Guerra dels Segadors”). On the other hand, a visual map of the village,  where the bombs that devastated the village during the Spanish Civil War can be precisely identified, has been created. We also count on the Museum of the wars of el Perelló, and the Rearguard, which possesses a vast collection composed of unique objects from the Spanish Civil War.

Length: 6.5 km

Time: 1h 30'

Elevation: 96 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

This one is an easy route because the most part of the itinerary goes through the middle of the village, to discover the history of el Perelló by observing the different monuments. However, if you are willing to complete a longer route, you can link this itinerary with the route “la Torre dels Moros”, which is located just 5 kilometers away from the Chapel.

Additional comments: it is also possible to complete this route by bike, although we have created a longer option that gets to the Mines and “la Torre dels Moros”.