The “bassa de Xeta” (a pond) is one of the most elevated points of the municipality of el Perelló. In particular, it is located at a height of 650 meters in “la Serra del Boix”, which is really close to the limit of the municipality of Tivenys. From this place, we can enjoy a breathtaking view of “el Morral de Cabrafeixet”, together with a journey full of charm which goes past “la Bassa d’En Ferrà” and “la Bassa de les Comes”.

Length: 37 km

Time: 3h 30'

Elevation: 838 m

Difficulty: Hard

Circular: Yes

It is a hard route due to its length and the elevation gain that we must overcome. Nevertheless, the itinerary follows a dirt track that does not present any technical difficulty. The hardest stretch is the upwards slope that leads to “la Bassa de Xeta”, because it goes up 350 meters over a stretch of 4 kilometers.

It is indispensable to download the track so as to follow the route.